Small Business SEO that converts

Our Local Growth SEO Roadmap is time-tested and flat out works. Proven five-step system that will get you winning in your local search results.

Our Local Growth SEO strategy is simple, find what people are searching for, and present your business to them.

Our Local Growth SEO Process

We follow a five-step┬áprocess. It’s time-tested, data-driven, and captures and converts leads for your business.

[et_pb_vertical_timeline _builder_version=”3.8.1″ global_module=”678″ saved_tabs=”all”][et_pb_vertical_timeline_item title=”DISCOVER” use_read_more=”off” font_icon=”%%52%%” circle_color=”#85be51″ animation=”fade_in” _builder_version=”3.7″]Our roadmap begins with discovering where we are. We’ll do a comprehensive audit on your website, technical SEO, keyword rankings, and more. Our goal is to create a baseline of where we’re at, but also looking for oppotunities.[/et_pb_vertical_timeline_item][et_pb_vertical_timeline_item title=”PLAN” use_read_more=”off” font_icon=”%%75%%” circle_color=”#85be51″ animation=”fade_in” _builder_version=”3.8.1″]

Based on results in the discover phase we will build a plan. Which keywords we’ll go after, audit issues to fix, and create the goals for our SEO efforts.

[/et_pb_vertical_timeline_item][et_pb_vertical_timeline_item title=”QUICK WINS” use_read_more=”off” font_icon=”%%151%%” circle_color=”#85be51″ animation=”fade_in” _builder_version=”3.7″]Our focus in the beginning is to get you quick wins. These are usually optimization of your Google My Business page, fixing any errors on your site, getting directory and citation listings, and more. The goal here is to increase traffic and conversions as quickly as possible.[/et_pb_vertical_timeline_item][et_pb_vertical_timeline_item title=”BIG WINS” use_read_more=”off” font_icon=”%%155%%” circle_color=”#85be51″ animation=”fade_in” _builder_version=”3.7″]After quick wins we will turn our focus to big wins. This is where our content marketing strategy comes into play. We will use our keyword research plan to develop a content plan based upon the keywords we want to rank for. We will also focus on growing our reviews.[/et_pb_vertical_timeline_item][et_pb_vertical_timeline_item title=”SUPPORT” use_read_more=”off” font_icon=”%%160%%” circle_color=”#85be51″ animation=”fade_in” _builder_version=”3.7″]

Support includes monitoring the dashboard, keeping our momentum from the first three phases and correcting course as needed.


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About Local Growth

We are the local growth company in Colorado Springs that specialized in SEO, content marketing, search engine marketing, and so much more.